J.O.S. - "Get Up"

A BlankTV Premiere Presentation

A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

J.O.S. - "Get Up"

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Artist Bio:

J.O.S. From the heartland of The Rolling Stones, The Who, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Marshall Amps, and The Ealing Club comes J.O.S. Formed in the birthplace of British rock in 2011, J.O.S. are a four piece band from Ealing, comprising of school friends John O’Shea, Rosie Botterill, Anna Thomas, and David Clarke. Having faced insurmountable odds, this is a band that has seen it all and survived it all.

At the heart of this band is their unified belief, both in each other and the music they play. Lifelong Guns N’ Roses fans, this is a band that grew up in the heyday of Nirvana and Oasis, and remember a time when Rock music mattered not just to rock music fans, but to the world.

J.O.S. believe we live in an age of lowered expectations, where tweets mean more than tracks, where social media means more than song writing and where ‘Likes’ mean more than real fans. In an industry where labels would rather invest in talent shows rather than songwriters, where pop stars are porn stars, where rap stars are disconnected from their roots and where rock stars have become a distant memory, J.O.S. are dedicated to putting music back at the heart of the industry, and back into the hands of musicians.

These combined passions for what they do and who they do it for is encapsulated and brought to life in their eponymous debut EP. Recorded in just 2 days, the record draws on their influences from the past and gives the listener a glimpse of what is possible for the future.

About The Video:One of J.O.S.'s early songs, the light and shade of the video reflects the downbeat lyrics and upbeat music. A song about dealing with the pressures everyone faces, but not getting beaten down by them, it combines the heaviness of Grunge with the melodies of 60s rock. Get Up proves modern rock can be both melodic and heavy. Director: Sophie Gost

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A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

Marina City - "The Rise And Fall Of You"

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Artist Bio:

"Marina City is THE Chicago band to watch out for.”* Fusing the aggressive instrumentals found in hard rock with the catchy vocal melodies and harmonies found in top 40 pop, Marina City has set out to create something that has never been heard before. Classifying the genre as Aggressive Pop-Rock, the quintet has released 2 Eps, toured heavily from the Midwest to the East Coast, and has shared the stage with well known and established acts such as Go Radio, Amanda Palmer, State Champs, Cartel, and Real Friends. Since debuting at a sold out House of Blues show, Marina City has taken a strictly DIY approach to their booking and management,. This year their newest EP (Chimera) and the music video for their first single (“The Lost Boys”) was exclusively premiered on AbsolutePunk.net, featured on Pup Fresh, and Property of Zack.

Relying on “poignant lyrics, three-part harmonies, and one hell of a drummer”** the band features lead vocalist Ryan Argast, guitarist and vocalist Brian Johnson, keyboardist and vocalist Matt Gaudiano, drummer Eric Somers-Urrea, and bassist Aaron Heiy. In 2012 the band ventured away from being a solo act behind singer Ryan Argast and become more of a collaborative group walking away from a production deal in the process. With a degree in music performance, drummer Eric Somers-Urrea creates a strong rhythmic backbone for bassist Aaron Heiy’s deep pocket to groove over. Hammond artist Matthew Gaudiano on keys teams up with guitarist Brian Johnson to create the hard-hitting and aggressive center of the band. However, the biggest standout factor for Marina City is that it features 3 lead vocalists. Gaudiano’s smooth R&B style and Johnson’s raw punk sound compliment the power and emotion of frontman Ryan Argast. Said Chris Triebes owner and talent buyer of Mojoes In Joliet, IL "Marina City puts on one of the most energetic & passionate live shows I have seen from a local-area band in a long time"

*Robbie Mueller, Founder of BTG Management

**Zack Jablow, Grammy award winning producer.

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A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

When All Else Fails - “Agree to Disagree”

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Artist Bio:

When All Else Fails' New Video & Single “Agree to Disagree” Wins the War for Your Heart

NYC’s When All Else Fails wear their hearts on their sleeves while dishing out their emotional brand of extreme music. The band’s first single “Agree to Disagree” is a raging, anthemic slab of heavy, metallic hardcore. Powerful and lyrical, it is a pointed introduction to the band’s philosophy of destroying life’s sometimes overwhelming obstacles. The band recently shot a music video for the new single, filmed and directed by Tony Hanson of Fenix Studios. BlankTV has the exclusive premiere on their YouTube channel!

Breaking down barriers is something vocalist Rich Canci has been fighting for almost every day of his 23 years on this planet. A 5-time cancer survivor and amputee, Canci’s single-minded drive manifests itself in his charity work and live event promotions, all while finding time to tend bar and graduate from nursing school. This seeming one-man army doesn’t do all the heavy lifting in When All Else Fails, though. Alongside Rich is Samantha Pietrunti, whose clean vocal work provides a lush counterpoint to Canci’s hardcore vocal delivery. Couple their voices with the melodic leads of guitarist James Kenny and the driving rhythmic backbone of Matt Shake (guitar), Ed Mone (bass), and James Aquaredda (drums) and you’ve got the recipe for your new favorite band.

When All Else Fails is working hard to claim that title. They are currently in the studio recording Stepping Stones, their debut EP, which will undoubtedly catapult them out of the tri-state bubble and put them on the map for listeners all over the world to hear. As the first single from Stepping Stones, “Agree to Disagree” is an incredible first volley in this campaign for world dominance.

Okay, the band demands that you stop reading and start listening. Immerse yourself in their world...

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A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

Hybrid Circle - "The Impossible"

Artist Bio:

Hybrid Circle project was born in 2010 in the city of Lanciano (Italy), starting playing Post-Prog Metal contaminated by electronic.

The debut album "Before History" (based on a sci-fi style book written by Hybrid Circle) was worldwide released in February 2012 by "Nadir Music/Buil2Kill".

After the publication, Hybrid Circle toured in Belgium, Netherland, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia and also supported bands as Hypocrisy, Hatesphere, Grave and Loudblast.

Early in 2013 Hybrid Circle started to work for the EP "Science Fiction".

Between the end of 2013 and early 2014 Hybrid Circle entered in studio to record the second album called "A Matter of Faith".

In this album there is also a collaboration made by the international artist "Felix Martin".

About The Video: It's important to remain connected to the whole world life, to upgrade ourselves instead of hide ourselves in order to avoid all the challenges that life sends us because we have no escape to life bill. So, we have to face everything and make the impossible to improve.

Director Name: Tommy Antonini
Producer Name: Dead Apple Prod.

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A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

The Sharp Lads - "St. Marks Hotel"

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Artist Bio:

The Sharp Lads Impossible riffs. Obscene showmanship. An ass-groovin’ rhythm section. New punk songs with catchy melodies, the likes of which you never thought you’d hear again. The Sharp Lads released their debut album in the summer of 2011, and unleashed a campaign of live rock n’ roll shock and awe, unlike anything the world had ever witnessed before. And now they’re back!

Taking lessons learned on their home turf of NYC and on the road everywhere else they could, playing to crowds of sweaty loyalists and stunned new converts alike, with no concern for their own personal safety or worries about anything other than the moment, the Lads have emerged from their experiences with Death by Misadventure, their second album released Spring 2014.

Dave Tierney leads the charge with schizo vocals alternating between desperate screams and genre bending melodies. Rob Fudge shreds alien riffs that make you feel like your first time all over again while Kurt Wahlstrom holds down the bowel shaking bottom end playing a bass carved from a Jamaican treehouse. Driving the beat like a hell spawned hot rod with its brake lines cut, Steve Dios is blasting these songs with a frightening fury all the way to their grisly finish.

Surrender your sons and daughters. It’s already too late.

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