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SWANSHORE - "12.21.2012 (The World Ends)"

A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

SWANSHORE - "12.21.2012 (The World Ends)"

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You're on the road to hell! You're better watch yourself!
Dont' wanna hear what your mind has to say,
your words are relentless!
Acting fake for all your life
will get you on the road to hell!

they made my soul
turn into stone!

Open your mind, you're stuck in a room of lies!
Open your mind, stop darkenin' your sight!
Your sight!

Our aim is to keep our souls sacred,
our minds have been brain washed,
but the spirit is pure, so
fuck your lies!

Bury your head to the ground!

You're better off, with your head, underground!

Revelations, they made my soul
turn into stone!
And my passion,
the more I grow old
the faster it falls!

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