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Unchained Breathing - "The Extortionist"

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Unchained Breathing - "The Extortionist"

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Artist Bio:

UNCHAINED BREATHING is THE example that in a genre of played out cliché’s and bands repeating each other over and over again, there is still room for change. Young, creative and just a tiny bit insane, the members of UNCHAINED BREATHING are all around their twenties, and fully focused on getting their band to a higher level.

The Extortionist is the opening track of UNCHAINED BREATHING's upcoming EP. THE ALLSPARK marks the dawn of a new age in the story of UNCHAINED BREATHING. Scheduled for an April 2013 release, THE ALLSPARK takes the listener on both a musical and emotional journey in the discovery of yourself and how this spark can ignite others. This EP consists of 6 heavy and intriguing songs showing the diversity of the musicians as human beings.

THE ALLSPARK is recorded at PitchBack Studios by the amazingly talented Aljoscha Sieg and is mastered by Brian Hood.

About The Video:

The Extortionist is the lastest work of Pavel Trebukhin and shows the internal battle between the good and dark side of the character. This struggle represent the first step towards enlightenment. By combating your inner demons and accepting everything as it is, a new perspective towards life is born. With refined knowledge and experiences the character makes his towards the second phase; observing himself through the eyes of the observer.

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